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Circle of Catholic Women: Personal reflection and group sharing to help you deepen your faith and find balance in your everyday life

"Womanhood and a bit of faith are things that often go well together. ...a choice pick for women of faith." — Midwest Book Review Bookwatch

"This is a great resource for women who want to get closer to their faith and discover new things about themselves... I like how the journal is put together...the provoking questions to get you really thinking....beneficial to any Christian woman."
Hanging Off the Wire

* * *

Life After Deployment: Military families share reunion stories and advice

“...a must have for today's military families facing deployments.”
— Alanna Schmidtke, North Dakota National Guard family support

“…Well-written and thorough, the issues raised here are important ones…”
— Andrew Lubin, Military Writers Society of America

"No one can totally prepare us for the emotional roller coaster deployments and reintegration brings, but this book will give you tools that will help the process immensely."
— Kathy Guzzon for Homefront United Network

"I felt so guilty for a lot of the emotions I'd had during my husband's deployment and reunion. And now, we are going through it all again with our son. It's such a comfort to find out I'm not alone! I was incredibly touched by these stories. Thank you so much for blessing us with this book, your keen insights, and amazing honesty." —Julie LaBelle, military wife and mom

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Little Bit of Faith (music CD)

“Karen takes the ineffable experience of grief and sings it out from her soul with such tenderness, vulnerability, and courage. The words and music are moving and lovely. The quality of her voice-–I could listen many times. Little Bit of Faith is a beautiful work of spirit and art." — Diane Nettifee, Magis Ventures

 “Where heartbreak meets hope, where contrary emotions can musically shake hands, it's at this convergence where Karen Pavlicin arrives and comes away singing. In a voice tinged with sadness, but strong in faith, she gives us a haunting and wistful blend of blues, folk, and Americana..."
— Tim Hoppey

“Impressive talent! ... I recommend this CD to all who appreciate quality, and who hold high standards for good music.” — Thomas Ventiquattro II, Tom 24

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* * *

Military Life: Stories and Poems for Children

"...stunningly beautiful and sensitively written. Very touching and helpful for children to realize they are not alone in their feelings." — Joyce Wood

"...Sensitively illustrated...a special empowering tool to help military families..."
Midwest Book Review

"This is an excellent book for military children. It hits on all kinds of aspects and situations a military family might find themselves in. The illustrations are great and go right along with every story. These stories touched my heart, even as an adult and a former military brat and military wife."
Hanging Off the Wire

* * *

Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow's Nest

“An enjoyable adventure of discovery...”— Midwest Book Review

“…compelling, gentle, flowing, and woven with rich memories…”
Stories for Children Magazine

"...gives children a wonderful way to think about the changes in their lives and the role of their faith."
— Pauline Lucero-Esquivel, children's counselor

"A simple tale that reinforces the importance of friends and family.”  — Linda McCullough, librarian

“A wonderful book you can read together as a family. We all loved it.” — Gary Borner, cub scout leader and father of four

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* * *

Surviving Deployment: A guide for military families

"Pavlicin is experienced in offering practical solutions to spouses, parents and children as they face their stressed lives during a deployment." - Montana Parent

“Your inspirational book Surviving Deployment: A guide for military families is a wonderful instrument for our military families....Your comprehensive checklists and discussions of deployment issues will prove to be very helpful tools for families facing the challenges of deployment for the first time."
— General James L. Jones, USMC, Supreme Allied Commander Europe

"A must have book for all military family members - it explains the deployment process, how to cope with separation and the reunion with your loved one." — AUSA's Family Programs

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Karen is currently working on a second edition of Surviving Deployment.

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