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"Star Light, Star Bright" and "Buy More Underwear" in
Stories Around the Table: Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life

Karen is one of more than 40 military family writers who contributed personal stories and insights in this collection about life from a military life point of view.

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"I started reading and couldn’t put it down. What a lovely collection." — Amy Bushatz, author, managing editor of SpouseBUZZ

"Read the whole thing in one sitting--MARVELOUS!" — Jacey Eckhart, author, direct of family programs at Military.com

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ISBN 978-1-934617-29-8

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"Love Letters" in
Military Life: Stories and Poems for Children

"Each day my mom writes a love letter" begins Karen's poem in this 48-page children's picture book anthology. This watercolor-illustrated collection of original stories and poems by 12 authors touches on many aspects of military life from a child's point of view. From moving to making new friends, deployment, homecoming, patriotism, and tender family moments, Military Life gives a glimpse of the many joys and challenges military children experience. And Karen's poem is for anyone who likes to give or receive a love note!

"...stunningly beautiful and sensitively written. Very touching and helpful for children to realize they are not alone in their feelings." — Joyce Wood

"...Sensitively illustrated...a special empowering tool to help military families..." — Midwest Book Review

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ISBN 978-1-934617-09-0

Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
Gold Medal Most Patriotic
Midwest Book Awards Finalist Children's Fiction

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Surviving Deployment book

Surviving Deployment: A guide for military families
A personal guide for military families facing the challenge of deployment.

Includes what to expect, how to prepare, and how to personally grow as individuals and families. Your survival gear will range from a sturdy toilet plunger to the fine art of letter writing. You'll manage financial changes, help children express their feelings, and discover a renewed appreciation for everyday life.

"...if you and your family are facing deployment, you MUST have this book. Ms. Pavlicin addresses the cold hard reality and mixed emotional feelings that all family members experience when dealing with the deployment of a loved one.” — NYPDWives.com

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ISBN 978-0-9657483-6-0

Military Writers Society of America (MWSA)
2005 Gold Medal Best Reference and Guide Book

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Life After Deployment

Life After Deployment: Military families share reunion stories and advice
Captures the tender and moving stories of military families during their reunion.

Service members and their families share the joy and anxiety of homecoming, the adjustments of living together again, and how they coped with anger, depression, PTSD, injuries, grief, and other challenges following a deployment.

"No one can totally prepare us for the emotional roller coaster deployments and reintegration brings, but this book will give you tools that will help the process immensely."
— Kathy Guzzon for Homefront United Network

"Well-written and thorough, the issues raised here are important ones these families need to recognize and face, and Mrs. Pavlicin... does a first-rate job taking care of her now -over-extended military family." — Andrew Lubin, MWSA

"...I was incredibly touched by these stories. Thank you so much for blessing us with this book, your keen insights, and amazing honesty."
—Julie LaBelle, military wife and mom

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ISBN 978-0-9657483-7-7

MWSA GoldBook of the Year Awardbook of the Year
First Lady of the Marine Corps Recommended Reading List
2014 Recommended Reading List Selection

Military Writers Society of America (MWSA)
2007 Gold Medal Best Nonfiction/Reference/How-to Book
Foreword Book of the Year Awards
Honorable Mention Best Self Help Book
Foreword Book of the Year Awards
Finalist Best Family and Relationships Book

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Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow's Nest (HC), Summer of Courage (PB)
When 10-year-old Andy Parker reluctantly goes to Grandma's house for the summer, all he can think about is how much he misses his dad in heaven and his best friend Anthony, who moved away. What will he do in this sleepy small town for the entire summer? But it turns out even cow dung can be interesting and something wonderful can come from rotten apples.

“...an upbeat, positive story...wise, hopeful...with a subtle simplicity sure to touch hearts.”
School Library Journal

“An enjoyable adventure of discovery...”
Midwest Book Review

“…compelling, gentle, flowing, and woven with rich memories…”— Stories for Children Magazine

"...gives children a wonderful way to think about the changes in their lives and the role of their faith. A delightful read.”
—Pauline Lucero-Esquivel, children's counselor

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Visit a web site for kids at MrsSackets.com.
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ISBN 978-1-934617-00-7 hardcover
ISBN 978-1-934617-24-3 paperback

Moonbeam Gold IPPY Silver Mom's Choice Silver Children's CrownNAPPA
Foreword Book of the Year Ben Franklin Award Midwest Book Awards
Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
Gold Medal Best Pre-teen Fiction 
Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Silver Medal
Mom's Choice Awards
Silver Recipient Juvenile Fiction Ages 9-12
Children's Crown Award
Best Wholesome Books Finalist Grades 4-5
(top 20 books of the year that "convey wholesome values, uplifting characters, and edifying themes that inspire children toward positive goals.")
National Parenting Publications Awards
(NAPPA) Honors Book
Foreword Book of the Year Awards Juvenile Fiction Finalist
Benjamin Franklin Awards
Juvenile-Young Adult Fiction Finalist
Midwest Book Awards Finalist

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Surviving Deployment book

Circle of Catholic Women
An inspirational journal series for women. In the CCW program, women journal and talk about prayer, rituals and traditions, relationships, spiritual role models, values and beliefs, discernment, and additional topics aimed at helping women deepen their faith and find peace and balance in their daily lives. The journals are nonsequential and each has its own facilitator guide for groups who want to journal and discuss together. Read more about the program and journal series at www.CircleofCatholicWomen.com.

"Womanhood and a bit of faith are things that often go well together. ...a choice pick for women of faith." — Midwest Book Review Bookwatch

"This is a great resource for women who want to get closer to their faith and discover new things about themselves... I like how the journal is put together...the provoking questions to get you really thinking....beneficial to any Christian woman."
Hanging Off the Wire

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Buy at MilitaryFamilyBooks.com or Amazon.com.
ISBN 978-1-934617-03-8 Journal One
ISBN 978-1-934617-10-6 J-One Facilitator Guide
ISBN 978-1-934617-11-3 Journal Two
ISBN 978-1-935617-12-0 J-Two Facilitator Guide

Living Now AwardMidwest Book Awards Midwest Book Awards
Living Now Book Awards Best Spiritual Book (Journal One)
Midwest Book Awards Finalist Best Religion Book
(Journal One and Journal Two)

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Karen is currently working on a second edition of Surviving Deployment.

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A magazine writer and editor for most of her career, Karen is now a writer and publisher for Books Make a Difference online magazine.

She is often asked to write features or columns for various other publications and web sites. A few examples:

Read Karen's feature articles in Military Spouse magazine:

Preparing for Deployment

Surviving Deployment


Read Karen's article:
Deployment Extension

Read Karen's tips in this interview with AmeriForce Families Magazine

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